Birthday Quilts

It’s my daughter’s birthday today and she’s hit double figures. Excuse me while I have a wee emotional moment….


So, I thought I would make her a quilt to celebrate. In just over a day….I wasn’t sure I could manage it, given that my skills aren’t too clever in this department yet. We went to a quilt fair together on the weekend and she has recently picked up a needle to try some embroidery, it seemed fitting. So I raided my stash of some favourite fabrics in Millie’s favourite colour blue, some lovely retro John Lewis patterns and star fabrics which always make me happy. For speed, I cut large squares. These I sewed into half square triangles and then vaguely laid them into rough chevrons patterns. I used some white fabric with bird silhouettes for the binding which I hand sewed after I briefly quilted the fabric/batting sandwich just along the horizontal lines. I was in a hurry so I kept it brief!

You can read all you like about quilting. Actually you read all you like about anything – roller derby (my other favourite subject), gardening, whatever…you get the picture. But unless you do it, practice it more and more, you’ll never become more skilled, won’t understand the intricacies or figure out how to correct mistakes  efficiently. So to is my experience with sewing…piecing fabric is something I will need to practice a bit more. Meanwhile Millie hasn’t noticed any mistakes and loves her blue birthday quilt which she found on her bed when she woke up this morning.

I like making quilts despite their challenges (my sewing space is very very small! Sometimes I feel like I’m wrestling an octopus against my sewing machine!) They are something really special because they take time to make, can recycle sentimental items of clothing or use favourite patterns or colours. Quilts have a wonderful longevity to them too. This one I made for my niece, with bold animal shapes that her eyes could focus on…


This one for a valued skater at our league who is a referee, hence the zebra stripes….


And this one was for a family friend who just had a baby…


And this one for a good friend who gave me fabric to make some cushions for her caravan and I ‘decided’ that she really meant that she wanted a quilt.


And finally my own quilt made using old calico money bags from the Post Office. We love the rhyme about magpies hence the birds.


I’m off to make a cushion for Millie’s bed with the left over pieces from her quilt. It’s a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a birthday. If you want to order a special gift for a birthday or a baby, prices start at £45 for a meter square quilt. Contact me here.

ps. This wall at the top of my street is such a wonderful backdrop. Shame it’s so WINDY!


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