Personalised towels – new colours

‘Reeling’ from the excitment that was my first post, almost an AGE ago, sewing kind of caught up with me. I have been rather busy trying to finish some roller derby panties orders for my sewing alter ego, Roller Derby Panties. Panties are not to be confused with underwear (despite what some of the occasional ‘likers’ think when they click on my facebook page! Oh their disappointment) but are used to identify two particular skaters in the pack and worn over our helmets. They are sewn out of Lycra to match the colour of the teams’ uniforms and having sewn them for over a year now, I have a box of Lycra scraps which looks like a brightly coloured, 70’s disco explosion! They look like this (one of the more sedate examples):


But I digress….

One of products I sell through End of Terrace Trading is personsalised towels. I do love a practical present, me! I have found that Ikea towels have a lovely cotton weave to them so they aren’t too fluffy, making them easier to sew and less prone to snagging. I recently noticed that Ikea had released new colours – leafy green, grey and dark blue.


I love the grey towels. Bright colours seem to ‘pop’ against grey, more effectively than a white background (good interior design tip fyi). Or you can go subtle with darker tones and crosshatched patterns. The neutral tone makes it great for boys and girls of any age. I draw the letters out freehand using Bogusflow font as my base. Then I freehand machine embroider round the letters twice to secure them to the towel. The edges of the fabric fray a bit as the towel goes through the washing machine but that’s part of the charm of a handmade item. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!



(Incidentally, these photos are taken against the high wall at the end of our street. I can always rely on it to have a wonderful uninterrupted skyline above it, in beautiful blue. I’m afraid one day someone will build houses on the field behind….)

I don’t really have anything humorous to say about the towels. They make a great gift for a new baby or a toddler starting to learn to swim or a bigger kid taking swimming lessons. Or an even BIGGER kid/adult off to the gym. I don’t just write names, you can have a favourite animal or character on there or even something cheeky.


I’m away to play with my scissors. This lovely sunny day really lifts the spirits so I’m going to get some sewing done….



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  1. Lovely towels must get some when I sell some stuff! Loving the panties chat😉 x


  2. and here’s someone else reinforcing your point on “shades of grey” (nope, nothing to do with the film/book):


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