Lovely new cushions!

Over the last few years, for at least 10 months of every year, my sewing machine sits quietly on my worktable, with sporadic bursts of activity here and there, making things to sell for End of Terrace Trading, my so named sewing endeavor. Then, from end of October till Christmas Eve, I’m like a woman possessed, eating whatever my husband has learnt to cook in the intervening 10 months, not going to roller derby skate practice, my kids reeling off my standard excuse for not going to the park (‘you’re sewing….sigh’) and I’m forever hunting for my one pair of scissors.

Things needed to change this year.

So I bought two more pairs of scissors.

Next good idea was to spread End of Terrace Trading a little bit wider across the year. So, hey presto, a blog….


Let me tell you about these puppies I made for a recent Christmas order. These lovely new cushions were personalised for the customer’s family members. They were made from new wool, tweed and vintage wool blankets. These measure 40 x 40cm and have a zip in the back. Apparently they were well received.


Cushions are a funny thing. Some people find they clutter up a perfectly good sofa, others find them homely and functional. I have this one on my sofa with a big fat feather pad inside and it’s used constantly.


It’s the profile of my daughter done in new wool fabric and then using machine embroidery, appliqued it onto vintage wool blankets. It measures 65 x 65cm. Nice and big. Won’t find one like this in TK Maxx.

I make lots of other things which will inevitably make an appearance here but wool cushions were a popular choice this Christmas. But they’re not just for the festive season – how about a special gift for a wedding, birthday or a new baby?


This cushion was made from a kilt. I live in the right part of the world for them! Scotland does wool tartan very well and this beauty was waiting for the right colour clash, as requested by the customer. I love this font too. I hand draw it onto the fabric using a font called Bogusflow as my starting point.

If you’re interested in ordering a personalised wool cushion, please get in touch. Details on my contact page.

I have a certain L. Fennings to thank for this. And A. Blum for her helpful incites. And a bottle of red wine, or two. I may not thank you later though….



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  1. Reblogged this on Coo and Two and commented:
    First blog post ever… And I’m cheating really. Reblogging my friend’s first blog post.

    Is this a bit like WordPress Inception?? A blog within a blog??


  2. These cushions are fabulous,great quality,fab designs and an amazingly talented creator. I would highly recommend buying from End of Terrace Trading or get Kiki to do a commission. You will not be disappointed 😊

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  3. End of Terrace Trading sells gorgeous things and at fantastic prices too. Kiki has an eye for great design and unique colour combos. Truly unique and individual. Very talented lady indeed. Xxx


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